Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our Food Journey - part 2

As I mentioned in my last post, after getting married and once I got pregnant I made some changes to our eating habits that helped my digestion tremendously. At this point I was growing so much in regard to my interest in health and nutrition, especially with the birth of our daughter Elise. I kept hearing about a book called "The Maker's Diet" from friends of mine and decided to get it and take a look. This book took what I was already doing nutritionally to a whole different level. The author talked about eating foods in their most pure state, the way God intended. Some of it sounded easy enough, some of it involved a complete rethinking of how to prepare food, and some of it seemed completely impossible because of our financial limitations. It wasn't that we were struggling financially, but we simply didn't have $400-500 to spend on groceries for our small family of three. A lot of the changes I would have had to make to whole-heartedly do the diet also seemed way to complicated for where I was at at the time.

None the less, I began to implement some changes from the book. I changed the kind of eggs we bought to cage free, our chicken to free-range, and switched us to organic dairy (though the book actually recommended all organic food and raw dairy - but heh, it was a start). We started making soaked whole-grain organic waffles on a regular basis, which was my first experience with soaking grains. I had never heard of this before but the book discussed how doing so makes them much easier for our bodies to digest. And I switched us over to sprouted whole grain bread. I fed my daughter only organic once I started her on solids - at least until she got to be 1 year old. We still did some processed foods like mac'n'cheese, store bought crackers, etc, but we had made a lot of steps forward which I felt really good about.

We held steady at this place for about the next two years. But about a year into our first son Joel's life, it became super clear to us that more changes were needed, sigh. So we continued forward on the road to becoming more healthy as a family...

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