Monday, April 30, 2012

What Do We Eat Now? - Lunches

Much like with our breakfasts, for lunches we keep to a weekly menu. Every few weeks I make about four loaves of homemade sandwich bread which we use for all of our sandwiches. I got the recipe from a friend but have made so many changes to it I now consider it my own. So I will post that soon if anyone is curious. It is still a work in progress but is really tasty and very comparable to regular wheat bread (which if you have tried gluten free bread you know that is hard to come by!). The four loaves last us about three weeks since we don't use bread nearly as often as we used to. That makes me happy because it is a bit of work to make :).

Here are our lunches (gluten, dairy & citrus free as always):

1. Grass-fed beef hot dogs. I serve these with one slice of our homemade bread and with some veggie (either red peppers, cucumbers, carrot sticks or snap peas). Then I also make a green smoothie (made with apples, bananas, collard greens or kale, and coconut oil.

2. PB & Honey sandwiches. We use raw honey for these and they also get served with a veggie and a green smoothie. We do these twice a week because they are the kiddos favorite. If you veer away from peanut butter almond butter is a great alternative. Joel and I don't digest almonds well so we can't do almond butter very often.

3. Chicken salad. I make our own mayo for these because all conventional mayo has lemon juice in it (aside from often including oils we steer clear of). It is super easy to make thankfully! I also serve these with a veggie and a green smoothie.

4. Egg salad. I do this without the bread, just the egg salad. Once again we have veggies on the side and a green smoothie.

5. Scrambled eggs. I lightly scramble these and serve with veggies and a cashew mango smoothie. So this is one of our grain-free lunches and is super yummy!

6. I call this one our miscellaneous plate. We serve this on Fridays and I cut up whatever leftover veggies we have as well as apples. We have sunflower butter to dip the veggies and apples in. I also serve this with black beans and a green smoothie.

So there you have it. Those are our lunches at this point, though like the breakfasts I will probably change them up in a few months! Again, please share your favorite lunches - especially those that are kid friendly :).

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