Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What Do We Eat Now? - Dinners

While I stick to the same menu each week for lunches and breakfasts, I almost never repeat the same weekly menu for dinners. I get so bored so easily! And unfortunately I am not the biggest fan of leftovers either. I try to do them once a week, but that is usually all I can tolerate. Anyway, I am always racking my brain for new ideas for dinners and continuously changing things up. I usually do vegan meals a few times a week at least because I find it very difficult to stick to a budget we can afford while having meat for dinner every night (largely because the kinds of meat we eat are very, very pricey). Anyway, here is a list of our meals for this week:

Sunday: Chicken tacos - served on corn tortillas (this week I used sprouted tortillas but don't always) with avocados, black beans, peppers, onions & mushrooms

Monday: Chicken, broccoli timbales & butternut squash

Tuesday: Vegetable spaghetti (served with marinated veggies - squash, onion, peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, cashews & a marinara sauce)

Wednesday: Vegetable spaghetti leftovers

Thursday: Grass-fed beef hamburgers served on coconut flour flat bread with a cabbage/carrot salad

Friday: Minestrone soup & salad w/leftover flat bread

Saturday: Rice & garbanzo beans with an avocado & mango salad

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