Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Reality of a Budget

Do you have a grocery budget? Do you ever find it hard to stick to your budget? Do you ever find yourself not eating as healthy as you would like to because some foods are so pricey? I do (to all of the above :) ). I personally think that there is no getting around it...eating quality, toxin free whole foods is expensive. I have heard some people say that it isn't, but unless you are living off of rice and beans, I really believe it is near impossible to eat well on a super low budget.

We have made quite a few sacrifices in our overall monthly budget to make more room to spend on groceries. However, most months I find myself going at least a little over budget. (I do feel the need though to say we don't go into debt over it. God always provides, but point is that we spend a lot on groceries and often more than I plan to.) I don't buy fluff. I have lists and stick to them and don't buy superfluous things we don't need. But what we eat is pricey. I have such a longing to be wise and faithful with the money God has entrusted to us, and I also have a longing to be faithful with the bodies He has given us. One of my greatest regular challenges is to be faithful to both at the same time.

While sticking to our grocery budget has been such a challenge to me through the years, I also do believe that I have found ways to get great quality for as low of prices as possible. While I am sure there is room for improvement, I have done my homework and labored hard to learn how to spend our grocery money as wisely as I can. Next week I will share with you a few posts discussing some of the things that have helped us get the most quality bang for our buck that we can. I look forward to sharing with you some of what I have learned from our experiences!

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