Thursday, May 3, 2012

What Do We Eat Now? - snacks and desserts

I will be honest, I dread snack time in our home. My kids love snacks and are constantly asking for snacks, yet I feel constantly at a loss for what to give them. When the inevitable question, "Mommy, can I have a snack?" comes, these are the answers that pop in my head -

"Didn't you just finish lunch?" (i.e. didn't I just finish making you food?)
"Uhhhhh...." (i.e. you already had nuts and raisins and we are out of muffins, what else is there? :) ).
"Can you wait a few minutes?" (i.e. mommy is really tired and really doesn't want to have to get up right now)

Here are some of the reasons I find snack time so tough. First of all, since we have gotten rid of the processed foods in our home I no longer have the option to just open up the box of crackers or bag of fruit roll ups for a quick snack. We also are on a fairly tight grocery budget so there aren't many extra food items just hanging around the house to consume. Also, I have a severe case of mommy brain at the moment so that makes coming up with a couple of snacks a day tough sometimes. I try to keep lists of ideas on hand, but it hasn't saved me from many moments of snack idea frustration. 

We don't do too many desserts in our home (maybe once or twice a week), so for me desserts fall into the snack category. Here is a list of the main items we eat for snacks and desserts.

* Leftover pancakes or waffles from breakfast

* Slices of apple or bananas

* Bananas fried in coconut oil

* Crispy nuts (raw nuts soaked & dehydrated) - our favorites are hazelnuts and pecans

* Raisins

* Sunflower seeds

* Homemade popcorn

* Coconut flour muffins

* Homemade granola bars

* Chia seed pudding

* Tortilla chips

* Chocolate truffles (made with hazelnuts, dates and cocoa powder)

* Veggie slices with PB or sunflower butter (don't do this often because it is too messy with my 3 year old for snack time - I need something with minimal clean up right now :) ).

Do you have favorite healthy snack items in your home?

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